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Sonny Angel Flower Gift
Sonny Angel Flower Gift

Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel Flower Gift


Anyone would be happy to receive a Flower Gift figure! The box is designed to look like a ribbon-wrapped flower bouquet. There is also a space where you can write a personal message. A Sonny Angel Lion figure delivers flowers and warm feelings.

This new Sonny Angel special series is sure to be a new favourite among fans.
Sonny Angel Lions are presenting flowers and have manes decorated with matching blossoms.

The Sunflower, Daisy and Rose each has a specific meaning… longing, hope and beauty respectively.

Please note:

By ordering this product, you will receive one blind box containing one random figurine.

As all Sonny Angel figurines are sold in sealed, blind boxes, it’s not possible to request a specific creature.

Ordering multiple products does nor guarantee you will receive a different creature in each box! You may receive duplicates.

Due to the nature of this product, opened blind boxes cannot be returned.

Dimensions:  Approx 3.8 - 4.6cm wide × 7.4 -9.8cm high
Sonny Angel Flower Gift

Sonny Angel Flower Gift

Sonny Angel Flower Gift
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