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Brighten up your mornings!


Bored of usual minty toothpaste?

Choose your favourite flavour and brighten up your mornings with a bright tubes of lovely flavoured toothpaste:

Grapefruit + Bergamot - if you are 'Rising Star'

Peach + Apricot - for a 'Pure Happiness'

Watermelon - for a 'Candy Lovers'

Gin Tonic + Persimmon - it's for 'Challenger'

Blackberry + Licorice - it's a 'Day Dreamer' 

Apple + Aloe - if you are 'Explorer'


It delivers everything you would expect and so much more: protects against decay, provides lasting fresh breath, helps against sensitivity, naturally supports the saliva process, minimizes plaque and caresses your gums. Thanks to enzymes, hydroxyapatite and herbs.

[Be You.] and choose your favourite flavour here!

Matching colour toothbrush is included.